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About Us

The Marketing Unit role is to enhance the image and visibility of the University amongst MTU’s external stakeholders. The aim is to ensure that MTU projects a consistent high quality message to the outside world.

The Marketing Unit provides services in the following areas:

To ensure the consistency and quality of the MTU message it is essential that all initiatives in any of the areas listed above are carried out in consultation with the Marketing Unit. Therefore the first action is to contact to let the Unit know of your requirements.

The University has preferred suppliers in the areas of design, print and advertising. Therefore it is essential that these services are procured via the Marketing Unit. There are also specific guidelines around the use of the MTU corporate identity as well as templates for commonly produced items such as corporate stationery and advertisements. The Unit will oversee the implementation of the guidelines and will ensure that the appropriate templates are utilised. Therefore it is essential to contact before commencing work on any design, print, advertising and other such initiatives.

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