Advertising & Marketing

The Marketing Unit manages and procures all non-recruitment advertising for Munster Technological University - MTU.

This includes the placement of adverts in Print, Radio, Outdoor Media, Online, etc.

Where Faculties, Colleges, Academic Departments and other units have specific advertising needs the Marketing Unit can provide advertising advice and assistance as well as managing creative work and advert placement.

Therefore, it is essential that all academic and business units within MTU contact the Marketing Unit ( before booking or placing any form of advertising.

In relation to Print Advertising, the National Procurement Service has been awarded a contract to Media Vest. Therefore, it is imperative that the Marketing Unit is contacted.

The following steps should be taken:

  • Email and outline your advertising requirements
  • Depending on your requirements, the Marketing Unit may deem it necessary to meet with you to discuss options
  • Before the initial email / meeting, it is essential that you know the aims of want you want to achieve, who your target audience is, what your timescale is and agree on the budget that you have available
  • Please note that the advertising process can take time so please contact as soon as you become aware of an advertising need

Using the identity

The brand identity for Munster Technological University is centred on a minimalist encapsulation of the initials MTU, entitled ‘Insignia MTU’.

The identity can be used on its own for a wide variety of applications or in conjunction with descriptive text.

To ensure visual consistency throughout the identity, the correct colour references and the font family should be used in print / web and all other related media. Only logo files supplied by MTU can be used and they cannot be altered or distorted in any way.

Specific colours have been selected for this brand identity and these are listed in the Brand Guidelines.

MTU Brand Identity

MTU is a national brand, regularly attracting the best staff and students from anywhere in Ireland or abroad.

The MTU visual identity has been created to reflect this position.

The identity is anchored by a strong use of the initials - MTU.

This creates a mechanism whereby all the activities of MTU can be clearly linked at all times.

Strong colours and a clean typeface add to the strength of the new identity.

The identity has been created to work effectively across all visual environments.

The key to the success of any new identity is in its implementation. The Brand Guidelines will help you to use the identity correctly in order to maximise its impact and help MTU to achieve its goals and ambitions.

The official MTU crest will be used for ceremonial purposes only and not for day-to-day communications. This approach elevates the crest to a higher level of importance. Use of the crest for other purposes may be appropriate in certain cases but only once formal approval has been received.



All requests and queries regarding the logo and Brand Guidelines should be directed to

  • Click here to download MTU’s Brand Guidelines.
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