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Never has there been a better time to join the Automotive Industry

Never has there been a better time to join the Automotive Industry

26 May, 2020

The Automotive Industry is changing and at an unprecedented rate, with many experts citing that we will see more change in the coming decade, than we have seen in the previous 50 years.

Change in any industry can have both positive and negative impacts on businesses, however, within the Automotive Industry, we envisage these changes being ‘EASCY’….
We see the pivotal platforms of change being: Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Shared Mobility Consumer Platforms, Connected Vehicles, and Yearly Vehicle Software Enhancements.

Global demand for greater modes of sustainable transport is at an all-time high, we are on the crest of a technological wave for vehicles and now is the time that Automotive Industry embraces these opportunities and embarks on a very exciting future within the industry.

It is envisaged that consumer mobility platforms of the future will be much easier, more flexible and more individual for users. The vehicle of the future will be for on-demand use, and based on shared ownership. Not alone will the entire automotive industry change its production landscape within the coming years, we as consumers will also alter and redefine our mobility requirements as we play our part in ‘Sustainable Transport and Climate Change’.

All of this impending change will only be possible by having highly educated, skilled graduates available to embrace these opportunities.

Within CIT’s Department of Process, Energy and Transport Engineering, we offer two full time degree programmes aimed specifically at students who would like to pursue a career within the Automotive Industry.


  1. Level 8 CR 110 BSc (Honours) in Automotive Business Management and Technology   
    This four year Honours Degree will lead to a wide range of career opportunities at all levels of the automotive industry ranging from motor dealerships to vehicle distributors, fleet operators, consultancy, business finance and leasing companies. This programme will prepare graduates for careers at the leading edge of all areas within the Automotive, Fleet & Transport industries.
  2. Level 7 CR 046 BSc in Automotive Technology and Management
    This three year Degree will lead to varied and rewarding career opportunities in many types of automotive businesses such as motor dealerships and transport companies. Employment opportunities include supervisory and technical positions within sales and after-sales sectors of the motor, transport, and fleet industries.

    One Year add-on BSc (Honours) in Transport Management
    Graduates of CR 046 may avail of one year extra study, which includes work placement, to pursue the award of BSc (Honours) in Transport Management.


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