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CIT Virtual Conferrings 2020

CIT Virtual Conferrings 2020

06 October, 2020

This year, the CIT conferring ceremony will be delivered virtually for the first time ever. In light of COVID-19, CIT has decided that in the interest of public health, the college had no other option but to deliver the ceremony in this way.

Despite this change in format, the ceremony will deliver a very personal, polished and professional experience for our graduands and their families.

CIT has enlisted the help of the newly formed VE Studios, in Blackpool to deliver an engaging virtual event which will be steamed daily from the 2nd to 6th of November.

With over 2,500 graduates this year, across 21 separate ceremonies, a virtual offering allows graduates to celebrate their academic success with their families, in a safely controlled, and in a socially distant environment.

As CIT is due to be designated Muster Technological University on 1st January 2021, this will be the final conferring under the CIT flag, and although different, promises to be a great day for the Institute, our graduates, and all our stakeholders.


Dr. Noel Murray

Chair of CIT Conferring Committee

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