Photography Process

MTU Cork Marketing Unit - Photography:

The Marketing Unit maintains a library of stock images that is updated on a regular basis. Images are approved for a limited number of uses (print, web, framed prints and presentation) to prevent overexposure in institute publications and to maximise the impact of the images in your publication.

Please note that any requests relating to Press/Events/Awards photography should be directed to Jean Kearney

The first step in the process of acquiring an image is to email The Marketing Unit will then provide you with access to MTU Cork’s online delivery system. In the event that an image does not exist for your publication needs, the institute provides an in-house Photography Service. 

Stock Photo Shoot Process
Before you request a photography shoot, we would ask you to consider the following outline of the process, from inception to delivery.

The first step in planning a photo shoot is to carefully consider your requirements. For example:

  • Who is the main point of contact for this project?
  • Where will the photo shoot take place?
  • How many people will feature in the photos, if any?
  • What is the intended end use of the photos?

These points and more are covered in detail in the Photo Shoot Request Form.

Photo Shoot
When it comes to the day of the shoot, the photographer should have a clear outline of what is required for publication. A shot list will clearly indicate people/locations and times. This information is drawn from the Photo Shoot Request Form so please ensure that you provide as much detail in this form as possible in order to ensure a successful shoot.

Upon completion of a photo shoot, the photographer edits the files and presents the client with the best images. Please allow up to 5 days for editing.

All photos are published to MTU Cork’s Digital Image Library where they are made available as High Resolution files.


  • Please CLICK HERE to download Photo Shoot Request Form

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