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Public Relations

If your Department has a news story and you would like a Press Release issued, please contact


Media Guidelines:

  • The media is always keen to receive stories with an interesting take on important events; special achievements; international acclaim or events generally.
  • Political, economic, social, technological, cultural and environmental issues are always in the news and MTU has a very diverse range of specialisms across all of its colleges. Whether it’s the Budget, a chemical spill, a cultural event or the launch of a new piece of technology - if a story affects your Department or you have an expert on the sector there - let people know your take on the situation.
  • Awards, research grants and success in competitions sends out all the right messages about MTU and can make PR stories. Get photographs if you can – just don’t forget to note who is the shot and their titles if necessary.
  • Surveys and research can gain media attention so if your students, or researchers, have something newsworthy let us know.
  • Learn about your sector: find out what trade press, magazines, newspapers and websites often write about the area and which journalists deal with it. The sending of regular, relevant, press releases and building a relationship with journalists, increases the chances of success; by making them think of you when opportunities arise.
  • If a journalist calls in response to a press release do please make time for them – follow up on any requests they may have for further information, photos etc. It may be inconvenient, but they have deadlines too.
  • Don’t be disheartened if your story doesn’t make the media. Journalists may not use a press release immediately but sometimes save the information for use at a later date.
  • Contact the Press Office outlining a potential news story but do try to get the information to them as far in advance as possible and remember the four W’s for a story: Who?, What?, Where? and When?
  • Sometimes a news story is more immediate, in that case, contact the team and the issue will be dealt with immediately.
  • Not all stories will command national coverage but remember the importance of the regional press – MTU has students from all over Ireland – a positive story about MTU in a regional paper can be an excellent recruitment tool.
  • The process can take some time between putting together different drafts of a release so make sure someone is available to answer questions, read, fact check, or proof read draft releases, supply contact numbers etc.
  • Media coverage can never be guaranteed and stories may be dropped or interviews cancelled at very short notice for many and varied reasons.
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