Process for Account Creation

Accounts created for official business of Munster Technological University must be created by an authorised representative of the University and approved by the Communications and Marketing Unit.

Whenever possible, social media accounts should be setup as ‘fan pages’ or ‘organisation pages’ with multiple administrators/moderators. For example; when using Facebook, under no circumstances should individual ‘profile pages’ be used as they are in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use and do not protect the privacy of users following the page.


When submitting an application for an account please ask the relevant applicant department/unit head to email with the following information:

  • Type of Account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube)
  • Department
  • Account Administrator / Moderator Names and Contacts (Phone, Email, Position)
  • Account Username and/or URL
  • What is the purpose of this account
  • What audience are you trying to reach

It is recommended that administrator / moderator rights be granted where applicable to the MTU Communications and Marketing Unit in case of urgent takedown notices with official MTU accounts.

In most instances, where the purpose is to promote activities to the wider public or University community, existing social media channels should be utilised. Should a department/unit wish to engage with a smaller community / specific audience, the creation of an account(s) may be more appropriate.

Each MTU social media site should have at least two nominated MTU Cork staff members as the designated administrators/moderators and any changes should be promptly communicated to the Communications and Marketing Unit.




MTU management of social media presence is co-ordinated through the Communications and Marketing Unit appointed by the MTU President.

  • Accounts must be created by an authorised representative of the University and approved by the Communications and Marketing Unit.
  • All officially recognised social media accounts will be publicly listed by the University in a directory available on
  • Should you require University news / events promoted through the official social media accounts please email

Social Media Management Policy

To download the Social Media Management Policy please CLICK HERE 

  • Social media sites must have an official MTU appointed administrators/moderators approved by the Communications and Marketing Unit.
  • Social media sites are subject to periodic review to ensure they meet the needs of the University and the relevant unit in regards to user engagement and conformity to policy guidelines.
  • Inactive accounts or accounts that do not meet their original brief will be closed as they could reflect poorly on the University and/or defeat the purpose of having the account.
  • Content for official MTU social media sites must be approved by the administrators/moderators prior to publishing.
  • Best practices for social media accounts should be considered.


For guidelines on moderation of official MTU social media sites please see Moderator Guidelines





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